Thursday, 14 January 2010

Fezzaunt attends the National Television Awards

Hello Reg! Fezzaunt 'ere!

It has been confirmed that The Fezzaunt will be attending the National Television Awards next week from 7:30pm at the O2 in London, so watch out for me and make sure you log on and vote for Come Dine With Me to win in the Factual Programme category.

I hope there aren't too many ruffled feathers on the night as Valerie steps up to collect the award when CDWM wins! "Hullo Dermot, I've come to collect my award... I hope they like National Television Awards, eh? I like National Television Awards!"

On another note, Vals house is still up for sale; surely this must be the year that it sells. The Fezzaunt has promised to make her an offer she can't refuse; if it's not sold by the Summer; half the asking price but she must stay living there, erect a blue plaque at the front and offer free themed guided tours.

More reports live as they 'appen!