Monday, 1 March 2010

Oh Val, can I 'ave some fruit in mine?

Hello Reg! Fezzaunt 'ere! I've never timed anything in my life.....

Sorry, it's been so long since the blog was updated. The Fezzaunt has been a little too preoccupied with Catherine Tate's 'Nan' and Valerie et al seem to have slipped down the agenda somewhat.

I've been wondering why C4 haven't shown the famous Preston week as they seem to repeat every other episode. Is it because it creates mayhem everytime it's shown? Or has Valerie put a news blackout on the episodes? Having watched the 5 stunning pieces of TV again over the weekend, I must push C4 to get them back on the screen. Even better, give the 5 of them their own TV show.

Follow this blog and show your support for this wonderful idea!

I can't see that any of us ull be goin'


Thursday, 14 January 2010

Fezzaunt attends the National Television Awards

Hello Reg! Fezzaunt 'ere!

It has been confirmed that The Fezzaunt will be attending the National Television Awards next week from 7:30pm at the O2 in London, so watch out for me and make sure you log on and vote for Come Dine With Me to win in the Factual Programme category.

I hope there aren't too many ruffled feathers on the night as Valerie steps up to collect the award when CDWM wins! "Hullo Dermot, I've come to collect my award... I hope they like National Television Awards, eh? I like National Television Awards!"

On another note, Vals house is still up for sale; surely this must be the year that it sells. The Fezzaunt has promised to make her an offer she can't refuse; if it's not sold by the Summer; half the asking price but she must stay living there, erect a blue plaque at the front and offer free themed guided tours.

More reports live as they 'appen!



Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Felice Navidad! Fezzaunt 'ere..... ah, Val, can I 'ave some fruit in mine?

A lovely Christmas was spent at Fezzaunt Towers with a carefully selected smattering of Fezzaunt lovers. Turkey was most definitely on the menu and pigs in blankets were served in scallop shells; the only vague homage to our lovely Prestonians! Some very close Fezzauntites made a very special announcement by presenting the Fezzaunt with a prototype of Fezzaunt-opoly; a huge rollercoaster of a board game sure to take over the world in the same way Trivial Pursuit did in the 80s. Take the trip around Drama Queen Drive, Cliffe Court and Bernies Tropical Island Bar building properties and making a fortune... nothing like the real Preston at all but a glamorous idea of what Preston might be like if the Fezzaunt lived there.

It's shame you haven't got one!

Do you like Fezzaunt-opoly Nigel? I never asked you!

I like Fezzaunt-opoly (that I do know).

Fezzaunt signing off.


Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Christmas in Preston?

Hullo Reg! Fezzaunt 'ere!

Now then, having just scanned the festive Radio Times, the Fezzaunt is extremely disappointed with C4. Yes, we have a lovely festive edition of CDWM with David Gest (a personal friend of the Fezzaunt), but still no sign of the highly anticipated Preston reunion. What with Big Brother leaving our terrestrial screens next Summer, surely C4 need a bit of a ratings boost?

Follow the Fezzaunt, Valerie lovers. I call upon you to take a stand, eh? Get onto C4 or Granada and beg them (yes, beg them) to produce what could be the very best piece of British TV since the airing of the original 5 episodes.

Let me know how you get on Fezzauntites by email me at the address detailed on this page.

Vals house is still on the market and the Fezzaunt will be up in Preston in the New Year for a swift half at Bernards tropical island bar before spending a thousand pound in twenty pound notes on nice things!

Keep them comments coming and make sure you relive the memory every now and then by rewatching this historic event.

Fezzaunt over and out.


Saturday, 28 November 2009

I can't see that any of us ull be goin'

Ole! Fezzaunt 'ere!

The search for Valerie in Lanzarote draws to a fruitless close.... she's not 'ere.

After much deliberating, the Fezzaunt feels it's time to take THAT trip up the M6 to the Tickled Trout, taking a left and searching for the famous 5 in their home town. Of course, Valerie lovers, we'll keep you informed about when this pilgrimage will take place and many photos will be posted.

It's now time to fly North for the Winter!

Beunos noches.

Fezzaunt :-)


Monday, 23 November 2009

The search for Valerie: UPDATE

Ola! Fezzaunt 'ere! My search for Val has lead me to Lanzarote; the nothern island in the Canaries. Now donning a wristband, hoping for a white mark a la val, we're sure we're close to finding her.

She's definitely been 'ere!

Fezzaunt :-)

Friday, 20 November 2009

Y Viva E'Fezzaunt!

Ola! Fezzaunt 'ere!

As it's shooting season, the Fezzaunt has decided to take a break next week and leave the country but fear not Valerie lovers, the Fezzaunt will be back the week after next with more tales of our 5 Famous Prestonites.

Im off to the Canary Islands (Yes, If I see her, I'll take a pic and post it!).

Beunos Dias

Fezzaunt :o)