Saturday, 28 November 2009

I can't see that any of us ull be goin'

Ole! Fezzaunt 'ere!

The search for Valerie in Lanzarote draws to a fruitless close.... she's not 'ere.

After much deliberating, the Fezzaunt feels it's time to take THAT trip up the M6 to the Tickled Trout, taking a left and searching for the famous 5 in their home town. Of course, Valerie lovers, we'll keep you informed about when this pilgrimage will take place and many photos will be posted.

It's now time to fly North for the Winter!

Beunos noches.

Fezzaunt :-)


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  1. I see that Valerie has been removed from Wikipedia! What a travesty, and after the week I've had!