Monday, 16 November 2009

It was crazy, my night.....

Fezzaunt 'ere! It was crazy, my night. Balloons and banners decked the halls of Fezzaunt Towers on Friday night as the Fezzaunt celebrated it's birthday with 4 very close friends. Obviously Old El Paso fahitas featured heavily in a tingy tango jamaican sauce with the obligatory gummel (how do pronounce that word please?). One of the guests had to cook the dinner as a pneumatic nail shop owner fell asleep upstairs. Although he doesn't normally do packets, it was a success. The refried beans went straight in the bin, untouched; nobody wanted them, they just looked stupid.

Hats off to the gummel, although it was a bit chunky; I were feared of chippin' a tooth.

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Fezzaunt!
Happy birthday to you!


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  1. It was indeed a most memorable evening at Fezzaunt towers. We brought some wine from Asda (3 for £10)as well as a special greeting from HRH Valerie Holliday. A great night was had by all of the CDWM fans present, except the one with jetlag who fell asleep - she'd just arrived on a flight from Preston International! She just looked stupid! Thank you again Fezzaunt.