Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Strictly Come Poledancing With Me

Hello Darlings! Fezzaunt 'ere! I can't even remember how much I paid for them now.....

Having watched all the episodes again whilst quaffing wine and laughing hysterically, I suddenly wondered what life must be like for our famous 5 since the first airing? Do you think Valerie has had to put the house on the market because of constant media attention? Has Nigel gone back to his showbiz life in the sun? Is Bernard overworked with requests for pineapple doormats and did Dawn's poledancing skills help her when she wrapped her car around a pole?




  1. I don't know but I do hope they don't buy 3 for a tenner in Asda anymore....that's just rubbish!

  2. Wwwwhhhhhhhhyyyyyyy?

  3. I fancy a trip to Foxy's Drag and Cabaret bar in Torremolinos! Eh? Maybe Nigel and his partner (Sally Vate) will re-open it!