Thursday, 12 November 2009

I were feared of chippin' a tooth!

Fezzaunt 'ere! A very big welcome to our overseas followers (you know who you are!)

We need more followers on the blog to keep it going so tell all your Preston-loving friends to get on 'ere and start commenting!

This site isn't just for the young and the sexy an' all that, it's for all ages, shapes and sizes. Why, Bernard himself is said to have had a view once or twice.

If I don't keep this blog based on the fact that Preston is my heart and my passion.....

Fezzaunt :o)


  1. Word is that we're all off to Dawn's tomorrow night for some Old El Paso Fajitas! Question is : will the so- called 'unk be there? He'll just look stupid!

  2. I just didn't see the point of him. I didn't know why he was there.