Monday, 1 March 2010

Oh Val, can I 'ave some fruit in mine?

Hello Reg! Fezzaunt 'ere! I've never timed anything in my life.....

Sorry, it's been so long since the blog was updated. The Fezzaunt has been a little too preoccupied with Catherine Tate's 'Nan' and Valerie et al seem to have slipped down the agenda somewhat.

I've been wondering why C4 haven't shown the famous Preston week as they seem to repeat every other episode. Is it because it creates mayhem everytime it's shown? Or has Valerie put a news blackout on the episodes? Having watched the 5 stunning pieces of TV again over the weekend, I must push C4 to get them back on the screen. Even better, give the 5 of them their own TV show.

Follow this blog and show your support for this wonderful idea!

I can't see that any of us ull be goin'



  1. I don't get it... I have searched high and low and no sign of Valerie's knashers... x

  2. :( No Valerie... where is she?

  3. So sad to read about poor Dawn who passed away earlier this month. We were just watching the Preston week's episodes a few weeks ago as it had been a while since we'd seen them. It was the best week of CDWM. Rest in peace, Dawn.