Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Felice Navidad! Fezzaunt 'ere..... ah, Val, can I 'ave some fruit in mine?

A lovely Christmas was spent at Fezzaunt Towers with a carefully selected smattering of Fezzaunt lovers. Turkey was most definitely on the menu and pigs in blankets were served in scallop shells; the only vague homage to our lovely Prestonians! Some very close Fezzauntites made a very special announcement by presenting the Fezzaunt with a prototype of Fezzaunt-opoly; a huge rollercoaster of a board game sure to take over the world in the same way Trivial Pursuit did in the 80s. Take the trip around Drama Queen Drive, Cliffe Court and Bernies Tropical Island Bar building properties and making a fortune... nothing like the real Preston at all but a glamorous idea of what Preston might be like if the Fezzaunt lived there.

It's shame you haven't got one!

Do you like Fezzaunt-opoly Nigel? I never asked you!

I like Fezzaunt-opoly (that I do know).

Fezzaunt signing off.


1 comment:

  1. I tried to buy Fezzauntopoly in Toys R Us but they said they were waiting on new stock as it has flown off the shelves!!!

    By the way I hear that CDWM is a finalist for the National Television Awards on Jan 20th. I take it the Fezzaunt will be in attendance and primed to accept the award on Val's behalf!